As a singer, every opportunity to perform is an exciting one! Well, most of the time at least! There have been many gigs that are memorable for the wrong reasons, but some that are memorable for the right reasons.

Weddings are always a bit tricky – honestly, you wouldn’t believe what songs I’ve been asked to sing the bride down the aisle to, or for the first dance. And getting the timing spot on of the bride reaching the groom at the alter is an art form! Pubs and clubs can be a bit depressing, but private parties can be awesome.

A few years ago, I was asked to perform at a charity garden party, raising essential funds for the village church repairs. The lady who contacted me sounded so lovely, so genuine. And she invited me to the venue to discuss my PA needs with their sound engineer friend. Seriously, who would say no to that kind of gig! I jumped at the chance.

The venue was a private garden (pretty much a large paddock) next to the village church in Chetton, near Bridgenorth. It was a glorious evening. People from near and far arrived with their picnic blankets, gazebos, deck chairs, stash of alcohol and a hamper of nibbles. The garden was buzzing. Children were playing happily, families were mingling and chatting merrily, and the hosts were busily topping up wine glasses.

I actually felt a little nervous as the garden filled up. This was the first time this kind of event had taken place. The hosts were clearly super keen to get the party off with a bang and raise lots of funds for the church. The first time I had supports a charity event. No pressure then!

The one thing I always worry about is my set list. It’s pretty much guess work if the songs I select for a gig are suitable for the audience. Turns out on this occasion (and every occasion of course, I’m a pro for goodness sake!) I was spot on! My set went down a storm. Everyone was up dancing. That’s always a great sign, and a huge sense of relief.

I do love a good gig. I enjoy singing and performing of course, but I love seeing people having a good time. I get a sense of pride when I see I’ve put a smile on peoples faces, and that they have enjoyed the music I’ve given them. It’s a good feeling.

I can’t remember how much money was raised at the event. I do remember being asked to perform again the following year at the same event. Who knows, maybe when we’re out of lockdown, I’ll be able to perform again at this kind of event. I do hope so!

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