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Top Vocal Coach Annette is a classically trained pianist and oboe player, with a Diploma in Performing Arts (achieved from her time at Wolverhampton University )who’s passion and talent for singing has led her to a very successful singing and teaching career throughout the UK.

Annette has been running a very busy and thriving private teaching practice in Telford, Shropshire, for over 15 years, working with young singers to professional artists. She specialises in modern and contemporary singing styles, and of course, Musical Theatre.

With a passion for personal and professional development, Annette regularly works with a team of top vocal coaches from around the world to stay up to date with the most current voice science and research. She meets regularly with top professional vocal coach Chris Johnson of The Naked Vocalist podcast.

Whilst Annette teaches predominately online, she also offers face to face singing and piano lessons from her home music room. Annette specialises in contemporary singing styles (pop, soul, blues, RnB etc) and Musical Theatre, and classical and pop piano.

As a pro-singer, Annette understands the need for exceptional vocal health and dynamic voice training in order to cope with demanding performance schedules. She has a very keen interest in vocal health and first aid for the voice. She has helped hundreds (or even thousands!) of singers unlock their full potential and uncover their true voice by providing a unique and holistic approach to voice that also combines the best service and follow up care. Her methods are based on years of training to teach voice and singing, constant continuing up to date voice research, and years of practical experience.

From professional recording artists to hobbyists, Annette works with all singers, and puts to great use her professional qualifications in Teaching Singing.

Teenagers can struggle with their changing voices, and both female and male voices can struggle at adolescence. With a Certificate in Working With Young Voices, Annette has helped many young singers successfully manage their voice change. Annette achieved the top level certification at The Voice College for her work in this area.

Annette focuses on developing functional registers, building resonance throughout the range, and instilling solid safe working techniques that enhance individual style and dynamic vocals.

But she promises, you will have fun too! .


“My aim is to give you the tools you need to become the musician you always wanted to be. Whatever you feel is missing from your voice right now, with a little bit of investigation and bespoke vocal exercises, you’ll soon hear and feel the benefits of my voice training.”

“Whatever it is you’re hoping for, I’ll make sure you do it safely, and with great technique that will see you through your singing career.”

Annette provides face to face sessions from her home in Telford, Shropshire and online via Zoom. Either option will give you the very best experience of her coaching and teaching services.



Piano lessons are also available both face to face or via Zoom. Annette has a great home set up for online lessons, with multiple cameras to show demonstrations from various angles, and an onscreen virtual piano.

Annette can help singers who wish to self accompany by teaching chord shapes, hand coordination and independence, and playing by ear.

”I love accompanying myself on piano. Singing and piano are my biggest passions, so to combine them is just awesome!”

Although I had mostly taught myself how to play piano as a young girl, by the time I was 18 I knew I needed better technique and to increase my skill set. I took lessons until I was in my early twenties, and took all my classical piano exams with ABRSM.”

Annette offers piano exams with ABRSM and Trinity, but this is optional.

Weekly piano lessons are available – for up to date availability, please see the booking schedule.