Singing Lessons

Learning to sing is like learning to play an instrument. There’s more to it than just making nice noises! Expert professional voice coach Annette provides incredible singing lessons in Shropshire face to face AND online.

“The voice is a delicate instrument that actually involves the whole body and learning to coordinate all of the intricate musculature required to produce sound is a fine art. Luckily, I am a fully qualified voice instructor with a diploma in teaching singing. Plus, I have been teaching voice for many years, and I am also a professional singer. I also teach piano and music theory.

My job as your singing teacher is to guide you through all of the fundamental steps required for effortless singing. Together, we will explore good posture and breathing, pitch and ear training, vowel shaping and resonance, voice registers and voice placement, plus many more techniques. I specialise in contemporary pop styles and also musical theatre, so I cover a broad range of musical styles.”

Book your 20 minute consultation for just £15 to discover just how I can help you achieve your voice goals before taking the plunge to take singing lessons in Shropshire.


Children and young adults are in very safe hands because I have a certificate in working with adolescent voices. That’s important, because young voices go through big changes that must be handled with care.

I offer the opportunity for all singers to perform at regular student showcases throughout the year. You can also take singing exams in both pop and musical theatre. I use a range of internationally recognised exam boards.

Your regular singing lessons will be accompanied by individually tailored voice exercises, based on the task we have been working on.

I record the exercises after each session so you can practice at home. You’ll get much better quicker the more practice you do.

You’ll need two separate devices for your Zoom singing lessons; one on which to Zoom, and another to play your backing tracks (you can use YouTube karaoke tracks for this). I will help you to get set up for your Zoom singing lessons, but rest assured, they will be good fun!

Finding your true voice is easy when you know how! I guarantee you’ll have lots of fun on your singing journey. I often tell my students that in order to make the right sound, sometimes you have to make the wrong sounds first. Discovering what sounds right or wrong is often an interesting discovery!

Whether you are 7 years old or 97 years old, if you have an ambition to perform in musical theatre, become a rock star or become a professional singer, then learning the basics are essential. There’ll be lots of opportunities to perform live at regular showcases or open mic events to practise your new skills.

Singing Lesson Sessions

Adult Singing Lessons (non professional) 1 hour £60.00
Children’s Singing Lessons (under 18s) 30 minutes £25.00
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