Audition Preparation – not desperation!

Your Audition Kitbag

Do you procrastinate when you get an audition date? Do you change your mind a million times about what song would be best to sing? Does your heart sink when you know you’ll have to sing something because you know you’re a better actor than a singer? Read on – I can help you to get better at preparing for ANY audition that comes your way.

So many times, I get requests for help with audition songs the week before the audition date. Sometimes, the audition is just a couple of days away. Now, ask yourself, if you’re not a strong singer, or singing is not your favourite discipline, then is a one hour session the week before your audition date going to give you the confidence you want or need to nail it?


Instead, how about spending time working with a vocal coach, like me who understands musical theatre. They will give you the rights tools to help you better prepare for any audition that might come your way at any time.

Let’s be honest…

First of all, be honest. Is singing something you shy away from because you know it’s not your strongest point, or are you just not at all confident about your voice? If that’s the case, even more reason to prepare way in advance. If drama or musical theatre is your chosen pathway then you’ll need to work on your voice regularly anyway. Start with regular sessions that address your specific voice needs before even thinking about song choice.


What Songs Should I Sing?

When you feel more confident about your singing capabilities, then you can start to explore repertoire choice. You’ll have a better understanding of how to really play to your strengths, how to showcase the best of your voice. And you’ll gain so much more confidence from that, which is exactly what you need when an audition lands in your lap.


And when it comes to songs, so many times I hear people unsure about what to sing. What I always say is choose a song you know really well, and that you can always deliver. So, next together we will explore lots of different genres from musical theatre, whether that’s golden age music hall, modern contemporary, jukebox, film, or whatever, but start to put together a portfolio, or kitbag, of songs that you always have to hand, and that you know really really well. So whatever the audition, you will be able to pull one of the songs out of the bag, and instantly feel super confident about it.


Preparation, not desperation, is the key. So keep you voice in tip top condition. If you were dancer, then you’d know to keep your body fit, healthy and supple to cope with stamina and energy demands, and the general physicality of dance. It’s the same with your voice. Look out for my top tips on how to keep your voice in good condition. And do get into a good routine to work on the vocal exercises I give to you. You will gain so much confidence from your growing abilities to perform the exercises and sing the songs from your kitbag.



When you do get an audition date, book practice sessions with me well in advance, otherwise you run the risk of not getting a slot. And if there is anything we need to iron out, we will have the time to do so.


Remember, you want to feel confident before you get to the audition room. Knowing your voice well and knowing the songs well is all down to good planning and preparation.


So please don’t leave it to the last minute. Start working on your audition kitbag with me TODAY.

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