Piano Lessons

I started to play piano when I was just a young girl. I didn’t have lessons at that point, but I was able to teach myself some of the basics. Later, in high school, I was able to develop my piano skills a little further and I could eventually accompany myself whilst singing. By the time I reached my late teens, I knew I wanted to take my skills even further. But in order to do that, I needed to have “proper” piano lessons.

I found a fantastic local private teacher. Her lessons were structured and challenging, but also a little boring! I did eventually take my Grade 8 piano exam and of course passed, thanks to her rigour and encouragement.

When I began teaching piano several years ago, I drew upon my past learning experience. But I was determined to make my lessons much more fun! My goal is to encourage my piano students to become independent musicians, to enjoy and find pleasure in their playing and music making.

Annette Bullock

Every student is different, with each preferring different musical styles, with different levels of understanding, different abilities, different goals. Whatever their goal, or whatever their ability, I always encourage every student to reach out and explore what they could possibly achieve. I offer a range of different styles and genres, from classical to pop. I take a fun but structured and challenging approach to learning. Children as young as year four can take lessons, and adults of any age too.

Learning solid technical skills are essential, and can be applied to any musical style. In addition to this fundamental skill, I will also teach you how to read the music you play. It isn’t easy! And you will get daily exercises to try out at home. Playing daily is essential for developing your new skills and knowledge.

I’m happy to share music on my screen, and I will of course ask you to purchase specific music books when we get to that stage. If you want to take exams, I will support you all the way. I use ABRSM for piano exams.

Lessons are just half an hour for children, but adults can choose lessons up to an hour. I recommend regular weekly lessons to establish a good practice routine, assess progress, and set new challenges.

I have exceptional reviews from some of my piano students. Take a look, and then book your regular piano lessons.

I will also help you to explore and develop your musicianship – how you feel about the music, and make emotional connections to what you play. You don’t need an expensive piano to learn to play, but you definitely do need a keyboard/piano before you consider taking lessons.

Piano lessons work really well over Zoom. I have multiple cameras so I can demonstrate playing from different view points and you can easily see my piano keyboard. I will help you to position your device so I can see you and your hands on your piano too, and easily correct any mistakes or bad habits I see.

Piano Lesson Sessions

Piano Lessons 30 minutes £25.00
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