Voice Coaching

I love coaching great singers, guiding them through how to achieve the best from their voice, stamping their style on their music. It’s great to see a singer grow their confidence, bring energy and life to their performance, and be “match fit” for their next gig. I’ve worked with some great singers, and it’s been a privilege to share their journey.

If you’re a professional or semi professional singer, or already have an accomplished singing voice, but need to fine tune your style, then coaching is for you.

Perhaps you need to prepare for an audition, or need to add another style (pop, contemporary styles, commercial voice, musical theatre or cross over genres) to your CV. Or maybe you are preparing for a tour or studio session, and need to ensure your voice is in tip-top condition.

Annette Scott

I’ll tailor your voice warm ups, make them specific to your voice and style, and also ensure they are easily doable! If any areas of improvement are identified, I’ll give you specific voice exercises to help. You may only need just a handful of sessions, but I’m always here when you need me for the next time.

You’ll need a separate device for your backing tracks or music for your Zoom session. Don’t worry, I’ll help you get set up properly. I recommend an hour or hour and half sessions so we can really focus on the detail, and get thoroughly warmed up.

We’ll warm up the whole body, especially if you’re a lively performer or a musical theatre singer. Take a look at my YouTube channel for some voice warm up ideas.

We’ll have lots of fun, use lots of energy, and ensure your voice is ready for action!

Finding your true voice is essential for your professional career. Whether you’re a musical theatre performer, rock singer, or need to develop a commercial and contemporary pop voice, keeping your voice in tip-top condition is one of the most important things you can do. Effortless and safe production of sound is important when you’re using your voice frequently during tours or studio sessions. Regular coaching sessions before tours or recording will prevent bad habits from forming, and maintain good vocal health.

Some professional singers have surprisingly never had any voice coaching, and are often very surprised to learn new techniques that can improve the quality of their voice within just a few sessions. Lots of professional singers also never warm up! Seriously guys, it’s so easy and so important. I’ll show you how!

Voice Coaching Sessions

Professional Voice Coaching Session 1 hour £65.00
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