Your musical journey should be successful and enjoyable, fun and exciting.

My teaching style focuses on igniting your passion for music and your voice, encouraging you to become an independent musician, and developing your own vocal style. There’s a few options to choose from. Just bare in mind that I have quite a busy studio, so booking in advance is essential.

Annette Scott singing

Singing Lessons

Singing lessons are suitable for new or novice singers, or if you’ve never had voice lessons before. Perhaps you’re in a choir or drama group and feel you need a bit of help with your voice. If you’re just starting out again after a long break from music, this is a good place to start.

Annette Scott

Voice Coaching

If you’ve been singing for a while, or perhaps you’re a semi-pro or professional singer you might need to check in with a coach to keep your voice in tip-top condition. Perhaps you need to fine tune your new or current repertoire, or need help with maintaining and sustaining longevity.

Annette Scott

Piano Lessons

Children from around the age of 6 years old can start taking piano lessons. Of course, adults are welcome too. I will help you to focus on good techniques whilst providing interesting and challenging music for you to enjoy. You will also be given daily piano practise workouts.