About Me

My goal is to help EVERY singer of any ability to uncover their true voice; to discover their unique sound; to unlock their full potential; to become the artist they want to be. All of these things CAN and WILL be achieved in a technically safe way that focuses on function and style.

I see lots of really good singers who feel their artist pathway is being blocked or held back by something missing in their voice. Some singers just haven’t yet discovered their style, their “mojo”! Often super experienced singers feel they are no longer on top of their game. Whether it’s reduced stamina, diminishing range or power, or a lack of flexibility, I can help put you on the right path.

It’s very common for singers to encounter vocal health problems, including vocal fatigue, or injury. I take a holistic approach to discover the possible causes of your current vocal situation and limitations. After assessing your voice, I will put together an action plan that will help you to access all parts of your voice, across all registers. You may need a recovery plan if you’ve suffered a vocal injury.

Getting the whole body ready to sing is a crucial first step. You’ll also learn how to support your voice correctly and produce clean, effortless sound. Plus, with solid understanding of voice registers and vowel shaping, you’ll be building a voice with longevity and lots of ‘oomph’!

I’ve studied with and learnt from the very best the industry has to offer, including Chris Johnson, top Pro Vocal Coach and co-founder of The Naked Vocalist. I gained my first qualifications as a singing teacher with The Voice College and achieved one of the top awards in Teaching Contemporary Singing. Since then I have constantly studied and researched the voice, voice science, and vocal health medical issues. I regularly meet with other like minded vocal coaches to discuss the latest trends, techniques, industry news and current research. This combined with my experience over the years has given me the most effective tools and methods I use with my singers today.

So how does a session with me pan out?

Firstly, we’ll chat about your goals, style choices, experience and history. Quite often, sessions will start with a song or voice goal in mind. After an initial assessment, together we’ll start to uncover your true voice and lead us on a journey of vocal and artistic discovery. We’ll explore tonal qualities and vocal “colours” that often invites an awakening of style choices. We will tap into your artistic and performance styles, making you the vocalist and artist the industry desires.

Many younger singers and Musical Theatre performers initially require regular frequent training sessions. However, more advanced artists need just a few to put them back on track or to get them study or tour ready.

Whatever your level, you’ll get full access to your “prescribed” voice exercises following your session, plus a recording of it if your session was online. Plus, I’m always on hand if you need extra help.